Operational Resilience: The New Paradigm for Risk 

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No matter the industry, no matter the company size, no matter the location—risk leaders were forced to quickly adjust to a massively evolving landscape in 2020.

Did they adapt and keep up with the new challenges being thrown at them? How did they do it? And what are they doing differently now?

We asked and 190 risk professionals answered.

They shared with us what they’re concerned about, what they’re focusing on in 2021, and how they’re feeling about their risk programs.

Unique Risk Challenges in 2021 Require an Updated Playbook 

“The Global Pandemic has changed the way we work with more remote working and learning. Getting back to an operational business will challenge some staff and procedures and processes will need to be improved and enhanced.” 

C-Suite Executive from the Hospitality and Retail sector

Who we asked:

150+ risk decision-makers, from the C-suite and upper management

Individuals from the US and UK

7 industries across all company sizes

When asked about how effective their programs are, risk leaders across the board say that, while identifying risks is adequately done, assessing, managing, and monitoring risk is lagging behind.

Over 40% of these same leaders say they still use outdated methods, like email and spreadsheets—meaning manual processes may help identify, but not successfully protect your business. 

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It’s clear: Risk leaders in 2021 need to update their approach to risk strategy.

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