Stay Ahead of Your Enterprise’s Emerging Risks

  • Capture and pinpoint emerging risks from vendor interactions and finance, to sales and marketing activities.

  • Assess likelihood and impact of risks through built-in risk assessments with internal stakeholders.

  • Inform your risk strategy with weighted risk scores on Risk Cloud’s dashboard and reports.



Streamline Routine Tasks and Focus On What's Important

  • Automate document collection with deadline-triggered requests, transparent tracking, and notifications.

  • Activate dynamic questionnaire templates to accept interview and survey input without manual intervention.

  • Refine reporting and analysis with custom analytics and heat maps that deliver in-depth, real-time data on enterprise-wide risks.


Align Everyone Towards Effective Risk Mitigation

  • Plan for timely and effective mitigation using insightful real-time data gathered via risk assessments.

  • Automate continuous monitoring and ensure constant visibility of existing and emerging risks.

  • Transform findings into action via assignable tasks, deadlines and automated reminders to key individuals.

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"Logicgate's team was able to take our existing, Excel based processes, and develop a clean process within their application. That we are not limited to set processes or forms, and that we can easily tailor any step or process to our specific needs with zero IT support or coding is a huge advantage for our organization."

— Adam C, Senior Compliance Analyst

Get in the Driver's Seat of Your Organization's Enterprise Risk

Gain greater control and visibility over your organization’s risk with Risk Cloud’s Enterprise Risk Management Solution.


Anticipate and monitor emerging risks from every corner of your enterprise on one centralized platform

Conduct risk assessments, align findings, and plan effective mitigation with confident precision

Build a tailored risk management program aligned to your risk strategy, with Risk Cloud’s highly customizable workflow builder

Risk Analysis Software

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